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High School Republicans of Texas is a statewide organization of Texas High School Republican clubs. Founded in 2012,  High School Republicans of Texas is the newest auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas. HSRT is also the official statewide Teen Age Republican (TARS) organization of the National TARS in Texas.

HSRT chapters are located across the state: San Antonio, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Austin and Houston are involved with their local county parties and volunteer at party and candidate events to help achieve victory in November general elections.

The objectives of the High School Republicans of Texas are

  • To be an official auxiliary organization of the Republican Party of Texas and the official Texas organization of the National Teenage Republicans and in doing so support the initiatives and objectives of the Republican National Committee and state and county Republican parties in Texas.
  • To spread conservative and republican views and ideals through the efforts of member clubs and organizations.
  • To promote the education of youth in the political process and the views of the Republican Party.
  • To provide a voice for Republican and conservative youth in Texas.
  • To assist in the election of the nominees of the Republican Party at all levels in Texas.
  • To identify youth Republican clubs at High Schools and communities around the state already in existence to coordinate with and aid.
  • To assist in the founding of new teenage Republican clubs in Texas.

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