Cruz squeezes by with a win; Harris County GOP suffers

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Harris County’s straight ballot totals for this year’s election leaned staggeringly to the left, with Democrats having 55% of the straight vote, and Republicans holding 44%. In comparison, the straight totals from 2012 were almost exactly even, with just 0.44% separating the two parties.

This trend to vote straight democrat did not affect major state-wide elections, such as Cruz-Beto or the gubernatorial race between Republican Greg Abbott and Democrat Lupe Valdez, but it did greatly affect local elections.

Statement on Revealed Trump Video

HSRT condemns the words of Donald Trump in the strongest terms. His comments are utterly disgraceful and inexcusable. Women should not and must not be treated or spoken about in such terms. They are people and individuals- not objects to be used. That which was expressed in this regretful video does not represent the GOP or the values of its constituents. Let the party not be defined by one candidate or election, but by the its beliefs observed for generations.
As Republicans, we must band together to promote our message of liberty and limited government. As Republicans, we must practice what we preach- that character matters.

2015-2016 State Award Results

Magnolia High School YRs won the most awards!

We’d like to congratulate each of the award winners for their commitment to the Republican Party!

Most Outstanding High School Republican in Texas

Timothy Wei

Outstanding High School Republicans in Texas

Avery Jones

Kaylee Moore

Terra Sebastian

Ruby Rodriguez

Most Outstanding High School Republican Club

Magnolia High School Young Republicans

Outstanding High School Republican Clubs

Grapevine Faith High School Young Republicans

El Paso High School Young Republicans

Most Outstanding Social Media Presence

Magnolia High School Young Republicans

Most Outstanding Website

White Oak High School Young Republicans

Exemplary Service Awards (100+ hours service towards conservative goals)

Kaylee Moore

Cade Palmer

Zach Hellen

Avery Jones

Ruby Rodriguez

Timothy Wei

High School Students Working Hard for Victory 2012

High school students all across the state are campaigning to achieve Republican victories. The Bellaire High School chapter is leading the grass roots effort for State Representative Sarah Davis. The race is high on the RPT Targeted Race List and needs as many volunteers as possible. The Bellaire High School club, led by Michelle and Jennifer Knesbach, has taken up the race as its key election this cycle and works every weekend on the campaign. With the closeness of the 2010 race, which was won by 700 votes,  every member understands the effect that one person can have on the results of an election through volunteering, leading to students going to the headquarters every weekend to do their part.

Besides working campaigns, HSRTX chapters are getting involved in the 2012 election by hosting candidates at club meetings. The Alamo Heights club recently hosted Bexar County Sheriff Candidate Susan Pamerleau at their meeting  in support of her bid to unseat the ineffective and inefficient Democratic incumbent. Bellaire hosted Sarah Davis and next Monday will welcome U.S. Representative Ted Poe. High school students across the state of Texas will continue to work hard for Victory 2012, especially as Early Voting begins Monday, October 22nd.

September 2012 Quarterly SREC Meeting

After a summer full of growth and success for HSRT, Chairman Connor Pfeiffer delivered his auxiliary report to the Republican Party of Texas State Republican Executive Committee this past weekend and was joined at the meeting by Club Chairmen Shelby James (George West, TX), Leighton Berridge (Southlake, TX) and Shooter Russell (Leander, TX).

Chairman Pfeiffer had the following to report to the SREC on HSRT’s activities since the March meeting:

Going into this fall, HSRT’s primary statewide focus was recruiting new chapters and gearing up for the general election season. Following the RPT State Convention in June where HSRT had a booth, distributed 5000 flyers and several hundred push cards, and appealed to members of the Convention Page Program to start clubs, many contacts were established that are now coming to fruition as the election season heats up and the school year progresses. HSRT set a statewide goal of having 20 chapters by the end of the fall and is on track to meet that goal. Going forward to Election Day, HSRT’s focuses remain capitalizing on election enthusiasm to start new chapters and aiding candidates across the state to victory.

National Awards:

  • HSRT won the award from the National Teenage Republicans for Best Website in the Nation in 2012.
  • HSRT’s Alamo Heights High School Chapter, founded and led by State Chairman Connor Pfeiffer, won the National Rising Star Club Award for the club’s work in 2012.


  • As of September 20th, HSRT had 14 chapters, a growth rate of 75% in 6 months from 8 chapters in March 2012 when HSRT became an auxiliary.
  • Out of the 6 new chapters, 2 resulted from the state convention and the other 4 came from other sources.
  • These 6 chapters have anywhere from 120 to 160 members in total.
  • HSRT now has at least one chapter in every major Texas metropolitan area except for El Paso.
  • HSRT now has chapters within 100 miles of all but 1 (in El Paso) of the RPT’s 2012 targeted races.
  • Chairman Connor Pfeiffer authored HSRT’s comprehensive “Guide to Starting a High School Republican Club” over the summer, a 29 page guide that details the entire process of starting and running a successful and effective HSRT chapter. It is distributed to every prospective chapter along with a club registration form and HSRT’s bylaws.

Election Activities:

  • Chairman Connor Pfeiffer appointed Leighton Berridge from Carroll HS in Southlake as HSRT’s statewide political director in order to have someone at the state level whose focus is getting clubs involved with campaigns and races across the state.
  • An HSRT political guide is in the works to help newer chapters understand the political opportunities available to them.
  • HSRT has also started a statewide contest among HSRT chapters, with the winning club having the most man-hours of political volunteering between August 1st and Election Day.
  • Leighton has created a volunteer sheet for clubs to log their volunteer hours so HSRT can get an idea at the state level how much activity is going on at different clubs and as a whole.
  • Clubs are being encouraged to participate in RPT’s statewide block walking days on October 20th and November 3rd as well as volunteering throughout the rest of the election season.

2013 State Convention:

  • HSRT will have its first state convention this spring.
  • HSRT’s State Executive Committee has begun identifying possible locations to host the convention.

Continue to help support HSRT by donating or helping start a chapter in your area! For a full recap of the SREC meeting, click on this link: